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"Without a doubt, I’ve gotten more out of this class than any other class I’ve taken on self-help and providing treatments for clients combined. It was amazing! It’s a course about self-love and love for others and that really came through." Corie Roberts, esthetician, Fountain Valley, CA

Are you feeling called from within from within to make changes in your life but you don't know what to do?

Or, maybe you are experiencing pain and obstacles and feeling lost or blocked. These are wake-up calls to much needed change. You are here for a reason. Discovering your true nature and reason for being is what gives you passion to pursue your purpose in life.

“I loved it. If you want to learn about yourself and help yourself to have a more balanced life you must take this class. Reiki 1 is very relaxing and empowering. I love the energy of Linda.” Muriel Crimi, Lake Balboa, CA


Linda created the Chakralicious Experience to provide a healing formula that is simple to follow and creates wonderful results when used regularly. Learn how to use conscious breath, meditation, intentional prayer, gemstone and aromatherapy with Reiki to transform your life.

This 1-day in-person training is supported by webinars, access to a video library, and a follow-up live webinar with Linda. See below for details:

Chakras Made Simple – 2 Webinar Recordings

  • Learn about energy and the Chakra system
  • How the condition of the Chakra system affects daily life
  • How to speak about energy in a grounded, no-nonsense way

1-Day Class – Receive your Reiki level 1 attunements and learn:

  • To perform the Chakralicious Experience on yourself including, conscious breath and meditation, intentional prayer and Reiki
  • Tools to heal yourself and melt away stress, anxiety and mental chatter
  • Reiki hand positions for yourself and others
  • You will experience and practice Reiki in the class

Follow-Up Live Webinar – Date to be determined in class

  • Reiki check-in
  • Question and answer
  • Review of the Chakralicious Experience

Access to Online Video Library

· What is Reiki?

· Reiki hand positions for Self

· Reiki hand positions for Others

· Mini-Reiki treatment for Others – seated

· And more….

"It’s been very enlightening. I learned more than anticipated. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know or maybe wasn’t aware of. I feel inspired and ready to start working on myself and others." - Elvira Luqman, esthetician, Fresno, CA


  • Reiki 1 workbook
  • Reiki hand position charts
  • Self-Reiki Guided Treatment MP3
  • Barbara’s Yes Prayer (My Reiki master teacher)
  • Chakra chart to use on self and others
  • What is Reiki handout
  • Energy Medicines - Flower Essence Chart

“Loved it! I feel I learned very valuable information that I can use for the rest of my life. I like the peaceful energy and tranquility that comes from Reiki treatments. Linda is very knowledgeable and takes the time explaining each area so everyone understands what they are learning.” Karla Ramirez, Las Vegas, NV

COST: $297

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